Anti-Aging Medicine

Anti AgingAnti-Aging Medicine. What is it? Is it right for you? How can it benefit you? Can you really turn back the clock? Let me shed some light on this subject for you.

As I am continuing with my studies in Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Functional Medicine, and talking to my patients about ways to improve their health, I am getting asked a lot of questions.

Anti-Aging Medicine, from my perspective, is a combination of contemporary medicine and new biomedical technologies. It combines aggressive preventive care and intervention  with optimal nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices- all with the goal of living stronger, more vibrant lives- and supporting a longer life.

To simplify, I see Anti-Aging Medicine as taking the best of all worlds. You get the benefits of all the new technology in medicine and combine that with a more holistic approach to care which incorporates every facet of how you live, such as what you eat, your activity level, your degree of happiness and overall quality of life.

As a Physician, using this model of practice, I am able to consider all aspects of the women I treat and develop a treatment plan that creates and sustains a new way of life- moving away from focusing on disease and toward a philosophy of promoting wellness by shifting my attention on the unique aspects of each patients genetics, environment, diet, exercise and lifestyle habits.

The good news? You can learn how to get well. You can be well even if you are coping with a serious health problem or illness. You can find ways to feel better and use a more natural and holistic path to get there. Living longer is only part of the picture. If you are living a miserable life you probably are not motivated to just “live longer”. I see this as a roadmap to living happier. Because when you feel strong, confident, healthy and have energy to do what you want to do- you will love life and want to take every path to support your body. Research continues to tell us that positive emotions are vital to our health and they are a major component of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Upcoming Programs

I am in the process of creating Wellness Programs for women in the coming months that focus on Nutrition, Hormone Wellness, and Weight Management.  Be sure to sign up to my newsletter and you will receive updates on my upcoming programs as soon as they are released.

Hope you will join me in the exciting weeks and months ahead.