Our Community

One thing that sets our practice apart from every other medical practice in the area is our focus on community. A community of women to be more specific. Dr. Plucknett is a wife, mother, daughter, and sister. She knows and understands about the lives of women. It is with this understanding that all of us at Dr. Plucknett’s practice are encouraged to see our connection as “women caring for women”.

We plan to build a connection, i.e., community with women in our community and through the internet. We believe that women can help women to create more exciting happier lives at the base of which is good health. It is our hope that by treating your medical needs and providing you with education and support to be well, your lives will flourish. And we know that this occurs by learning to understand one another, as we are all in this together.

One goal of this website is to inspire communication and support between women on all subjects that apply to a woman’s life. Dr. Plucknett’s newsletter, social media involvement and blog posts will be focused on supporting women’s health and wellness. Please join us in our small but developing community of women helping women for better health.